My Life in a page

I was born about 30 years ago in Genova, a beautiful, sunny and windy city on the north Italian coast. I enjoyed the first 18 years of my life with my parents and my young brother Emanuele in Genova, where I spent fabulous summers swimming in the Mediterranean sea.

I then moved to Bologna in 1998 to get a degree in Astronomy at the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, one of the oldest university in the world. I also did my PhD at the Bologna Observatory. During 8 years in Bologna I met lovely people, some of those are still very close friend of mine, including Claudia, Angela, Manuela, Simona, Giovanni M. and Daniela, Graziano, Mauro, Marcella and many others. There, in 2000, I also met Giovanni, who became my husband in September 2010.

I then moved in Cambridge, where I currently live since 2007.

I love swimming in the sea and also in the ocean (when it is warm). I like cooking, sewing, making necklaces and most of all traveling. I have been traveling a lot since I moved in the US. The southern place I have been is Santiago de Chile, the northern is Durham (UK), the western is Hawaii and the eastern I believe is Kyoto (Japan) .